European leader in its sector, Oxand is a French company which, thanks to the continent’s largest database and predictive algorithms, makes it possible to optimise assets.

Up to 30% savings on the cost of real estate assets and infrastructure

Oxand is more than 3,000 projects masterfully carried out in Europe, 2,500 billion euros in simulated assets and some ten thousand predictive models. Founded in 2002 by EDF, this French company has established itself as a leader on its continent in terms of predictive maintenance and the sustainable optimisation of the performance of real estate assets and infrastructures. “Our unique approach delivers savings of up to 30% on the total cost of assets,” explains Rémy Jacquier, CEO of Oxand.

To achieve such results, Oxand uses the most comprehensive database and predictive models in Europe for its many clients to optimise real estate assets and infrastructure.

“Smart Data”, more than “Big Data”

But the particularity of this database is its intelligence. Through Oxand Simeo, its flagship solution, the French company is implementing self-learning predictive algorithms. Over the quantity of “Big Data”, Oxand favors the quality of “Smart Data”. “ This allows you to focus on the information that is really important to you,” explains Rémy Jacquier. Our users will benefit from our prediction models, combined with their own data. In this way, they can improve their use of data, the quality of their simulation and the management of their assets ”. Thus, whether for private or public infrastructures, Oxand’s algorithms will meet everyone’s needs.

Results that do not take long to come

Thanks to the many advantages offered by the Oxand Simeo solution, Oxand supports companies known to all or regions in the management of their real estate assets and their infrastructures. From the first six months, 80% of Oxand’s customers have had positive feedback and after one year, all of the French company’s customers are reporting positive results. In addition, this smarter and automated management of assets also plays an ecological role. “ Among the 30% savings observed, there are energy savings. Better managed structures are more sustainable structures , ”adds Rémy Jacquier. Thus, EDF, Engie, Michelin, Eiffage, the Grand-Est region and the Meuse department already trust Oxand.

Also well established in Switzerland and the Netherlands, the French company today aims to conquer the European market, while having a look at the new policy that will be implemented across the Atlantic.

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