Our clients are asset owners and contractors in Real Estate, Infrastructure, Energy and Industry. We help contractors to win bids with healthy margins, prepare their projects according to specifications and tender promises and provide project control to maintain profitability and performance during the complete project life cycle. We support asset owners with effective and efficient tender and procurement processes by preparation of contractual and other bid documents.

Let us support you to manage the performance of your projects and to maximise value from your project portfolio.


  • Reduce up to 30% of your risk
  • Improve bid rate performance
  • Improve your decision making with our trade off framework
  • Optimise the performance of your project life cycle
  • Improve your Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Get in control of your project risks
Life cycle analysis for different design and maintenance strategies with a p80 risk appetite.


Our team of high end consultants are seasoned experts in risk, contract and information management in Real Estate, Infrastructure, Energy and Industry and in various types of performance contracts.

Our successful tender support approach assists contractors to improve their bid rate performance. Last year we won over 80% of large tenders (> 100 million euro). We integrate bid strategy, documents and price to deliver high quality bids.

We produce well-structured, to-the-point bid documents that are fully compliant with contractual requirements describing maximum added value and unique selling points of our clients. Supported by our proven Simeo™ software, our consultants use a multi-criteria trade-off framework for your design options and risk-based life cycle optimisation suitable for your CAPEX and OPEX planning. In order to produce objective and invaluable decision support to underpin your bid.

The results speak for themselves: last year our clients used our tender support approach to produce integrated bids to win over 2.000 million euro of infrastructure.


Our high-end consultants help asset owners and contractors to improve the performance of their project portfolio during the complete project life cycle (from preparation to realisation and/or maintenance).

With our Simeo™ software (ISO 31000 compliant) our consultants help you to reduce your risks, meet requirements and needs and maintain profits.

Let us support you to optimise the performance of your projects and to maximise value of your project portfolio.

Risk matrix with insight into the distribution of the number of all critical risks in your (project) portfolio across your acceptability levels.

These visuals are powered by Simeo™

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