Our clients own or operate physical assets in Real Estate, Infrastructure, Energy and Industry to find the best balance between risk, performance and resources according to strategy. We support you in managing the performance of your assets over their entire life cycle and to maximise its value.


  • Increase Net Present Value of your concession by 20%
  • Increase the availability of your asset portfolio by 10%
  • Reduce up to 30% of your total maintenance and renewal budgets
  • Get a robust decision framework
  • Define the optimum investment strategy, fully integrated with your corporate business goals and long-term strategy
Overview of the total cost of ownership of your asset portfolio (including risk cost and CAPEX/OPEX combined with NPV assessment).

Improve the performance of your physical assets

We offer smart decision support to manage the performance of your assets. Make the best decisions for your budget allocations while balancing investments, risk exposure and required resources at short, medium and long term.

Our solutions are based on powerful predictive data analytics, embedded in our Simeo™ software as well as strong consulting expertise in ISO 55001 compliant asset (life cycle) management, risk and ageing management.

Take the right decisions during your asset life cycle

We support you at any phase of your asset exploitation, based on its history, to define the right investment plan from design (win the concession, obtain credit), construction (risk management), exploitation (M&As, budget negotiation), long term operation (demonstration to regulatory authority) and decommissioning.

We help you to define your asset management strategy and planning and consolidate your investment strategies during due diligences and M&As. You are able to demonstrate and improve the reliability of your asset portfolio while increasing performance of your assets regarding reliability, availability, maintainability and safety.

Risk matrix with insight into the distribution of the number of all critical assets in your asset portfolio across your acceptability levels.

These visuals are powered by Simeo™

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