Public Real Estate


Public real estate is defined by a rich diversity of assets (administrative and technical buildings, schools, and social housing) and an equally wide range of issues.

Public decision makers must comply with applicable regulations by producing multi-year property investment and strategy master plans. One of the main objectives of these plans is to align asset management and investments with public policies.

You need to:

  • Manage properties of various ages and natures
  • Align your asset management and work plans with public policies
  • Know your assets better in order to control their ageing with a tight budget
  • Bring your teams on board with a logic of asset management
Immobilier public


  • Streamline and align your organisation around your master plan
  • Prioritise asset management and investments
  • Anticipate the life cycle of your assets
  • Know your assets and harness this knowledge


  • Inventory, diagnosis of the state and risks, and data labelling
  • Modelling asset management and investments
  • Predictive simulation of asset evolution
  • Decision support: budgets, availability, and risks


Oxand supports your transition to predictive management.


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