Oxand Simeo

Oxand Simeo is based on self-learning
predictive algorithms, or “smart data”,
describing real estate asset evolution.

It provides users with a unique
benchmark to optimise master plans
(operation/investment) within real estate
asset portfolios.

Your issues

Real estate and infrastructures deteriorate over time. This can lead to increased total costs of ownership, decreased performance, and potentially serious failures.

Oxand Simeo

How we help our clients daily

Oxand Simeo is a software that digitalises the asset management and investment decision-making processes. This generates 30% savings for our customers through reduced total cost, increased availability, controlled risks, extended lifespan, and team productivity.

Oxand Simeo embeds “smart data” self-learning predictive algorithms (> 10,000 predictive models) in its database – unique in Europe – that leverages data aggregated since 2002.

These laws of ageing and costing result from studies validated by internal and external experts as well as by our customers’ experience.

Users of our solution can derive maximum value from their unique data by focusing on what is useful and combining it with “smart data”. They can benchmark against best practices and quickly improve business expertise, processing time, and foresight in asset management.

Enhance your objectivity with Oxand Simeo


Timeliness and objectivity of condition and risk assessment

  • Data labelling
  • Utilisation of data from CMMS, IoT, IS, and documentation
  • Asset performance trajectory

Unified asset management repository

  • Single repository for condition, risk, and value assessment
  • Standardised condition and risk-rating guides
  • SaaS software

Streamlining technical management

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership by 10-30% over the entire life cycle
  • Anticipate maintenance and construction needs
  • Control the impact of budget carry-overs on risk-taking and smoothing expenditure
logiciel d'aide à la décision


  • KPIs for decision support: budgets, availability, and risks
  • Bespoke dashboards and documentation


  • Modelling asset management and investments
  • Predictive simulation of asset evolution (ageing and costs)


  • Asset inventory
  • Status, risks, and data labelling diagnosis
  • Collection, selection, scheduling, and completion of data from documentation, IS, CMMS, or IoT

Advantages of implementing
an Oxand Simeo approach

Oxand Simeo offers its users a complete software, data, and business ecosystem. It optimises multi-year asset management and investment plans, specifically inventory, diagnostics, operations, dashboards, and API connectors.

In only weeks, our clients can have a business intelligence solution that facilitates the creation of a coherent, streamlined, innovative, and executable multi-year plan.


Proven asset data management methodology


Self-learning predictive algorithms, or “smart data”


Technological and business ecosystem

Gains d'oxand

Oxand’s methodology uncovers 4 key elements to asset management:

  • Our business and data teams guide you in aligning your organisation and pursuing your digitalisation project using Oxand Simeo.
  • Labelling your useful data combined with our “smart data” guarantees you a surge in performance in the knowledge and management of your assets.
  • Oxand Simeo generates a return on investment for 80% of our customers in under 6 months.
  • 100% of our customers have increased the efficiency of their asset management and construction actions by over 10% after one year of using Oxand Simeo.


Oxand Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Decision support
  • Compare asset management and investment master plans
  • Generate PowerPoint reports
  • Extract data in Excel format
Oxand Simeo
  • Exploit and label data combining them with “smart data”
  • Visualise overall status and performance
  • Simulate ageing
  • Plan operations
  • Design strategies
Oxand Diag
  • Mobility in asset diagnostics (App)
  • Offline updates
  • Synchronisation with Oxand Simeo
  • DAXIUM AIR technology
  • Configurable as required


Oxand supports your transition to predictive management.


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