Together, celebrating 20 years of history and success

Our history

Founded in 2002 following a strategic spin-off from EDF, Oxand is an international company providing IT consulting and solutions in real estate and infrastructure risk management.

Our 75 consultants & data scientists in France, Switzerland and Netherlands are trustful partners to support our clients through their decision-making value chain from digital transformation to energy transition to realize their ambitions.

Through 20 years of success and more than 300 projects, we built deep knowledge and expertise in predictive models, assets lifecycle management and investment strategy planification, based on components ageing laws, and aligned with your specific risks and dedicated market challenges.

Our mission

At Oxand we are inspirational partners sharing a common vision:

handover greener world to future generations.


Our mission is to help our ecosystem realize sustainable ambitions.

We pay attention and we take care of our talents, our clients and our partners, being part and parcel of their projects, understanding their challenges and supporting them all journey long to the success.

Our values


We trust our clients in their ability to take responsibility to secure sustainable business interests. We are a trust company: we are flat, consistent, responsible and encouraged to take initiatives and be proactive.

We trust each other in delivering reliable quality of software and services, and thereby we build towards long-term beneficial relationships with our clients.


Team spirit

We team up with our clients to formulate challenging goals and achieve them. Whenever possible, we make our clients shine and we contribute to build a strong team around him. We believe in the individual added value each of us brings to our client, making use of all his own specific qualities. That’s why we never skip an opportunity to grow our team spirit and celebrate.


Continuous learning

We are driven by a strong appetite for innovation, and we are always looking for opportunities to learn and improve our products, services and skills. We pay heed to the client’s business context, conditions and limitations and translate these in pathways for his future success and learning. Constructed personal feedback is part of our working atmosphere of continuous learning.

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