Estimation of long term maintenance and renewal needs


Large transport group operating with 4 different modes (metro, tram, train and bus)

Goal of the project

Estimate the long term maintenance and renewal needs for the entire portfolio (tramways, rail infrastructure and real estate). Also wants to justify budget needs to the transportation authority and demonstrating relevance of postponing renewal actions.

What did we do?

  • Modelling Life Cycle Cost of tramways, rail infrastructure and real estate portfolio with ageing laws per subsystem
  • Simulating maintenance scenarios
  • Analysing performance, risk and costs of different scenarios

The value we delivered

  • Objective estimation of maintenance budget based on Oxand’s experience
  • Objective estimation of effect of political choices regarding the number of failures
  • Analysis and comparison of different maintenance and renewal strategies in terms of performance-risk-costs
  • Demonstration and justification of relevance of maintenance actions to allow for a life extension of the fleet
  • Objective demonstration of the positive impact of maintenance optimisation

Also want an estimation of long term maintenance and renewal needs?

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