Oxand Simeo software digitalises maintenance and investment decision-making processes, thereby generating savings amounting to 30% for customers: lower total asset costs, greater asset availability, controlled risks, extended asset life and team productivity.

Oxand Simeo is based on self-learning predictive algorithms or smart data describing asset evolution. But what exactly does that mean? Charles Ancelin, Oxand Simeo’s Technical Director, explains!

1. What does Smart Data mean for Oxand Simeo?

‘’Smart Data’’ represents Oxand’s memory, a knowledge base centralised in a unique software solution. It makes it possible to determine the ageing of a particular asset, as well as its maintenance actions once it is incorporated in Oxand Simeo. From the combination of data and ageing laws, my IT team has developed algorithms to predict asset obsolescence.

Let’s take a roof as an example: once all the data relating to it have been entered, keeping things as simple as possible (characteristics, observed state, dimensions, importance), Oxand Simeo is capable, based on our existing knowledge, of predicting the life cycle of the asset and determining the point at which it becomes “risky”, depending on its importance. It then automatically plans maintenance actions on the basis of these criteria.

15 years of knowledge acquired from a broad variety of consultancy projects and long-term partnerships with our customers enable us to improve our algorithms on a daily basis and optimise our services. Oxand Simeo is an asset management solution providing an innovative and reliable vision of the maintenance actions to be established. In concrete terms, it’s all about predictive maintenance.


2. What knowledge bases have you acquired?

The knowledge bases that can be delivered with the tool concern the real estate sector, engineering structures and roads.

Substantive work has been conducted at Oxand to gather knowledge from multiple consultancy projects and make it self-supporting, and to enable us to deploy knowledge bases in 2020 related to the energy sector, the airport sector and water transport infrastructure.

Oxand helps some of its customers adapt knowledge bases to their specific needs and also works in partnership to support their creation when they do not form part of our core business.


3. Can this model be duplicated in other countries?

The fact that Oxand Simeo has been deployed in countries like Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands as well as in the Middle East proves that it can be.

Knowledge base regionalisation projects to adapt to specific local conditions (materials and harshness of the environment) are overseen by our specialists in order to plan maintenance to correlate with the region in question.


4. What is the outlook for Oxand Simeo over the next 5 years?

Oxand is currently in the middle of an intensive deployment phase for this new Oxand Simeo SaaS platform. The technical department’s objective is to become even more agile in terms of rolling out our solution. In the medium term, this will enable us to provide our customers with a self-learning solution that will be based on the two most advanced fields of AI, machine learning and deep learning, for two purposes: to further accelerate the deployment phases and make the scenarios generated as close to reality as possible.

Charles Ancelin

Charles is Technical Director at Oxand

As a recognized manager and good communicator, I love to nurture the growth of projects and teams. Especially in my specialist field and passion: IT.

I began my career focusing on the purely technical side of things before moving into consultancy, helping companies through the digitalisation process. Since becoming Oxand’s Technical Director I have been responsible for creating and deploying the new Oxand Simeo SaaS platform.