Every year since 2011, Systematic Paris-Region has honoured a selection of innovative SMEs, all active members of the Competitiveness Cluster, who stand out because of their innovation potential, their steady and solid growth, their international development and their management’s ambitions.

This year, AMARISOFT, CENTREON, DATAIKU, DEVERYWARE and OXAND joined the select club of Systematic Cluster Champions, taking the number of SMEs singled out for the honour since 2011 to 57. Let’s find out more about OXAND without further ado!

Champion Systematic

Could you present Oxand in a few lines?

Rémy Jacquier : A software publisher, Oxand is the European leader in the Predictive Technology sector. The company specialises in the predictive maintenance and sustainable performance optimisation of real estate assets and infrastructures. Founded in 2002 following a strategic spin-off from EDF, Oxand has been building a unique database on the ageing and costs of buildings and infrastructures for over 18 years. This constitutes our predictive models, or “smart data“.

Oxand has references from leading customers in three key segments:

  • Public real estate: French Armed Forces Ministry, Mairie de Paris (Paris City Council), social landlords, regions and departments, communes and intercommunal bodies;
  • Private real estate: SNCF, MICHELIN, BUREAU VERITAS, property managers, facility managers;
  • Infrastructure: KEOLIS, EIFFAGE/APRR, VEOLIA, RTE, ENGIE, contractors, public service agents and building maintenance firms.

Oxand has an annual turnover of €14m and employ around 100 people, two thirds of whom are business consultants, data scientists, and experts in France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Boosted by its technology, Oxand’s annual growth has reached 25% on average since Oxand Simeo™’s switch to SaaS in 2017.

What are Oxand’s core products and solutions?

RJ : Oxand Simeo™ software digitalises maintenance and investment decision-making processes, thereby generating savings amounting to 30% for customers: lower total asset cost, greater availability, controlled risks, extended asset life and team productivity.

Oxand Simeo™ is easily deployed within organisations by collecting, selecting, organising and completing inventory and diagnostic data (asset condition and importance) from documentation, IS or IoT.

Oxand Simeo™ contains self-learning predictive smart data algorithms (> 10,000 predictive models) within its database, the only one of its kind in Europe and built up over more than 18 years.

These ageing and cost laws are derived from studies validated by internal and external experts and customer usage.

Individual users of our solution thus extract maximum value from data, focusing on the most useful piece of data and combining it with smart data. They can benchmark themselves based on best practices and quickly optimise their business expertise, processing times and anticipation when it comes to asset management.

Smart data are continuously improved and enriched through the pooling of feedback from individual users (>1,000 users). As a member of the “Oxand Simeo” club, each new user contributes to the improvement of the smart data and, in turn, benefits from contributions from the rest of the club.

Oxand Simeo™ offers its users a comprehensive software, data and business ecosystem hinged around the optimization of long-term maintenance and investment plans: inventory, diagnosis, operations, dashboards (BI via the Oxand Analytics option) and API connectors (from and towards the CMMS, IoT and BIM). In a matter of weeks, our customers have a decision-making tool facilitating the creation of a coherent, rationalised, innovative and feasible long-term plan.


What role has Systematic played in your roll-out and growth?

RJ : In terms of profile and visibility, Systematic has clearly helped promote Oxand and its Oxand Simeo predictive maintenance technology for real estate and infrastructures.

Beyond that, teaming up with members of the Cluster for major contracts and within the context of our export development, particularly in Europe, has been a significant “plus” for our business.

And finally, our relationship with the Cluster has helped increase the value of Oxand Simeo by improving our links to the Deep Tech ecosystem in France, build partnerships around our roadmap and potentially conduct joint R&D projects.


What is your 5-year strategy?

RJ : Initially, for the period 2020-2022, our 5-year strategy is aimed at making our model scalable:

  • Pursue our market penetration in France, Switzerland and the Benelux countries, supported by our existing offices. According to market research, Oxand’s potential in these zones is currently 10 times higher than its turnover. Priority segments are: public real estate (ministries, local authorities, social housing and hospitals), private real estate (super and hypermarkets and industry) and infrastructures (water networks, electricity and gas networks, road networks).
  • Reinforce our technological lead by continuously improving our smart data (ageing laws and cost ratios) as part of a self-learning approach and significantly reducing data collection and structuring times using ETL (Extract Transform Load) technologies.
  • Roll out Oxand Simeo within major public and semi-public organisations to help them tackle the Covid-19 crisis, contributing to the qualification and prioritisation of recovery plans in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. To this end, we are reinforcing our risk-based approach with our consultants, data scientists and experts in order to make it even easier to deploy and more effective.

Beyond 2022, on the basis of a scalable model, we plan to expand our market coverage in mainland Europe and our functional coverage in terms of the energy transition.


What does it mean for you being a Cluster Champion?

RJ : Firstly we think about our employees. Their constant commitment has made Oxand the success it is. They are the real champions!

We are also grateful to our entire ecosystem, our customers, partners and investors, who share our vision of a more sustainable real estate and infrastructure world.

Finally, we are immensely proud of the fact that our peers have recognized the excellence of our corporate performance and the quality of our technology.


If you had to define Systematic in three words, what would they be?