Reinforce decision-making in budget process


Administration organization who owns more than 50.000 assets

Goal of the project

Improve the data reliability generated by Oxand Simeo to use the results for the geographical budget distribution. Also reinforce decision support from strategic to operational level.

What did we do?

  • Elaborating a performance map of the real estate property per asset type (state and importance of asset)
  • Defining maintenance strategies to implement depending on the level of asset performance and available budget
  • Modelling and simulating ageing of real estate property
  • Assessing the budget for maintaining in national-scale reference condition over 10 years
  • Evolution of the performance map under budget constraints at national scale over 10 years

The value we delivered

  • Expertise in maintenance engineering
  • Methodological know-how in risk based asset management
  • Maintenance modelling and simulation
  • Oxand Operation Maintenance Costs Libraries

Also want to reinforce your decision-making?