Our client, a water company in the United Kingdom, with a large asset base of 500 service reservoirs used to store treated water before network distribution. Water availability and quality are two key essential business performance criteria the company need to focus on.


The water company wants to understand the risk to water quality and availibility to their customers from deterioration of the asset base. And they want a method to predict investment levels required over 5-25 and 25-40 years, to achieve pre-determined levels of service.


  • Provide deterioration and risk models for a sample of approximately 50 service reservoirs
  • Validation of the models on 30 critical reservoirs
  • Build a framework to facilitate and enable an efficient deployment for the service reservoirs portfolio


  • Data capitalisation
  • Improved control on water quality and availability
  • Build business case for AMP7 to AMP10 based on a scientifc and consisent approach
  • Ageing prediction: understanding of the degradation of the structures and associated risks and investment level required
  • Reduce extensive inspection and testing and therefore minimise the need to take service reservoirs out of service for a long period of time

This case study was performed with Simeo™