Our client maintains terminal installations at the largest airport in The Netherlands, with total floor surface over 1 million square meters. The organisation own as an 8-year contract for maintenance and (small) renewal and modifications of installations.


The interface of the airport and organisation shifted from a strictly operational level towards a tactical level and this had quite some impact for both organisations. This shift urged our client to professionalise their asset management system, the quality level of information and organisational competence.


  • identify and quanfity gaps based on ISO 55001 performance
  • Create management and organisational support for change
  • Design and implement ISO 55001


  • Reduction of organisational and technical risks
  • ISO 55001 certificate and the related recognition of thier professional organisation
  • Proof of excellence for managing and maintaining terminal installations in an efficient, sustainable and cost-efficient way, aligned with the airport’s strategic goals
  • Better understanding and execution of asset management role and partner for client, subcontractors and suppliersISO 55001 certificate