Our client is a large manufacturer.


Demonstrate the benefits of using an assessment tool to gauge real estate performance and simulate maintenance scenario to optimise risk management, planning and maintenance costs over time.


On a pilot site, collect data necessary to:

  • Characterise the infrastructures in terms of components
  • Assess the ageing and obsolescence state of components
  • Assess the failure severity on the different stakes of the company
  • Characterise current practices in terms of maintenance, major work, renewal
  • Integrating these data in Simeo™
  • Simulating and comparing scenarios to visualise the building state, risks and costs evolution over time
  • Construction of a deployment plan


  • Expertise in risks steering of maintenance and major work on large real estate and industrial property
  • Simeo™ infrastructure laws, actions and maintenance costs database capitalised over more than 15 years.

This case study was performed with Simeo™