Our client is a Dutch public transportation organisation in and around Rotterdam. Currently they have a 10-year concession for providing public transport by tram, bus, metro and ferry. The organisation is bound to a limited number of strategic KPI’s regarding RAMS aspects. It is their own responsibility to manager the infrastructure and fleet, including maintenance, modification and renewal. Part of the concession is ISO 55001 compliancy.


With the requirements for ISO 55001 certification, the public transport organisation needed insight in their performance related to this standard and they needed practical solutions to close anticipated gaps.


  • Execute ISO 55001 assessment
  • Assemble and develop (Strategic) Asset Management Plan
  • Structure management review
  • Train staff personnel regarding asset management


  • Client is ahead of competitors
  • Link management to operations and vice versa (alignment)
  • Boost, integrate and prioritise internal improvement programs
  • Increase organisational support for ISO 55001 certification
  • Resolve major ISO 55001 unconformities