An oil company engaged in the exploration, development and production of petroleum resources on the Norwegian continental shelf, including the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Bartents Sea, wants to improve the plugging and abandonment performance of their wells.


The oil engaged company wants to understand the barrier requirements in terms of annular cement length needed to achieve isolation for Valhall plugging and abandonment wells as well as improving the plugging and abandonment programma performance of the 22 wells.


  • Implementation of Simeo™ WellCem
  • Define the minimal annular or plug barrier length required to isolate a well
  • Support to justify deviation


  • Plan ahead of the plugging and abandonment operations and understand the length of the annular cement required to achieve isolation
  • Challenge the regulatory requirements for the need to take remedial actions like section milling or perforate, wash and cement
  • Support a safety case and justify a deviation from the current requirements

This case study was performed with Simeo™