Fluxys has been operating the LNG terminal of Zeebrugge for 30 years now. The terminal serves as a gateway to supply LNG into North-western Europe. More than 1500 LNG carriers have docked at the terminal since its inception in 1987 and its four LNG tanks ensure a storage capacity of 380,000 m3.

In 2015, Fluxys wanted to value and adapt the maintenance strategy to ensure high performance level (safety, availability) of its equipment for LNG installation in a context of a comprehensive efficiency program and lifetime extension.


Identifying room for improvement in their maintenance management system (from a technical and organisational stand point) to maintain high performance level (safety and availability),

Identifying key threats due to ageing / obsolescence,

Building an operational roadmap (benefits – risks) including clear and achievable actions for organisational, financial and technical improvements.


  • Risk-based approach for asset integrity (including condition assessment of systems/components and strategic issues) map of equipment categories
  • Comparison of maintenance practices and frequency from international best practices


Oxand’s solution enabled Fluxys to focus more on risk-based approach and improve organisation:

  • Align maintenance programs with criticality index of the equipment
  • Support OPEX optimisation program
  • Identify areas for improvement on maintenance practices from technical and organisational perspectives, including information management

This case study was performed with Simeo™