Some collaborative projects we are working on

  • MACENA project, French National Research Agency (ANR)
  • MACENA: Managing confinement structures in the event of an accident.
    In the wake of the Fukushima accident, this project aims to establish predictive methods for anticipating the failure of concrete structures.
    It focuses specifically on the technology barrier associated with predicting the appearance of cracks.
    Oxand will leverage the findings of this project to enhance the scientific knowledge bases it uses to prevent risks in concrete structures, particularly those used in extreme environments (nuclear facilities, oil wells, undersea tunnels, etc.).

  • MEFISTO project, French National Research Agency (ANR)
  • MEFISTO: Sustainable management of crack formation in concrete infrastructures.
    Leveraging the latest scientific advances in its domain, the MEFISTO project aims to develop and validate new means of predicting the appearance of cracks in reinforced concrete structures that are subject to various types of stress (heat, hydric and mechanical torque).
    Oxand helps model corrosion scenarios and optimise maintenance provisions. The findings of this programme will help Oxand enhance the reliability of Simeo™.

  • Benchmark SMART 2013
  • SMART : Seismic design and best-estimate Methods Assessment for Reinforced concrete buildings subjected to Torsion and non-linear effects.
    CEA and EDF have launched an experimental research program and an international benchmark on the behaviour of a mock-up subjected to dynamic loads.
    The objective: to have a better understanding of the behaviour of reinforced concrete structures under seismic loadings.
    Taking part in this project, OXAND is responsible for organising, monitoring, data processing and presenting the results of the international benchmark.

  • ILMAB project, French inter-ministerial applied research fund (FUI)
  • ILMAB: Software infrastructure for modelling and analysing buildings. See the website
    Through demonstrable prototype implementation, this project aims to prove that it is now possible to integrate all issues relating to the building trade; this is achieved by using consistent virtual representation to integrate all aspects of the building trade chain.
    Oxand is primarily involved in modelling and updating ageing predictions for real estate assets, and using virtual representation to enhance budgetary planning and decision-making.

  • EVADEOS project, French National Research Agency (ANR)
  • EVADEOS: Non-destructive structural evaluation to predict deterioration and optimise monitoring. See the website
    This project aims to provide managers of reinforced concrete structures with a preventive methodology for programming monitoring operations more effectively, taking into account technical, economic and societal constraints.
    Oxand inputs its experience in overall lifecycle management. This project enables it to benchmark its approaches and knowledge in this domain.

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