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Oxand’s innovative methodology brings cost-effective management systems that help decision-makers attain maximum value from their physical assets throughout their entire life cycle.

Our services and products integrate several Asset Life Cycle Management methods to facilitate decision-making. They incorporate data mining and large data techniques which leverage a wealth of international expertise and experience in engineering, finance and risk management.


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Implementing Asset Management best practices can unlock value from your assets. The international standard ISO 55001 and English standard PAS 55 describe how organisations can set up their Asset Management organisation. Our clients have experienced very good results on implementing asset management best practices within their organisation.

Some of the results our clients achieved that meet with todays challenges organisations have:

  • Cost savings (Organisational, OPEX and CAPEX) up to 15-20% taken into account risk and performance
  • Improved overview & management of the risks within the organisation
  • Establishment of a well aligned (Strategical/Tactical/Operational) performance management system
  • Trust & commitment of regulators & relevant stakeholders
  • Improved organisational efficiency, no more silos & better understanding each others interests
  • Improved opportunity management & continuous improvement (process & technical)

Oxand has extensive experience in the implementation and improvement of Asset Management systems, for both small and large organisations. Oxand helps companies to improve their current Asset Management capabilities by insuring a clear line of sight, by facilitating the establishment of a strong leadership and by improving the continuous improvement practices.

Our services contain:

  • Introduction of Asset Management by training & gaming
  • Executing a maturity analysis & development plan on ISO55001 / PAS55
  • Assisting in the development of your asset management organisation according to the ISO55001 / PAS55
  • Support and preparation for ISO 55001 / PAS 55 certification
  • Advanced training and coaching of Asset owners, Asset managers and Service Providers


Présentation PowerPoint
Présentation PowerPoint

See article: Managing Hydropower Assets ISO 55000 for Performance-Based Maintenance



Transform your strategy into asset and project plans: we provide information on ageing and risk impact, and deliver processes to support decisions.
Our numerous scenarios help you understand impacts of your decisions on performance and risks.



We help you build or decommission assets, start projects with appropriate quality, planning, costs targets and control them throughout the project life cycle.



We help you cope with budget constraints, risks and ageing to deliver value with available and safe assets.



Our experience, processes and information models bring assurance and proof of value creation to your organisation.


  • More than €b 12 of asset value won in PPP projects
  • 20 to 30 %: the average level of maintenance budgets reallocated
  • Asset owners save from 20 to 500 times the costs of our solutions.
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