• Roads and waterways


Asset owners, asset managers and service providers have to improve the economic and technical performance of their assets and maintain a high availability and safety level. Which includes the ability to have a robust contractual context.

Process Management
We provide:

  • Strategies to win bidding procedures
  • Interdisciplinary requirement analysis based on Systems Engineering (ISO 15288)
  • Project control: verification of design solutions based on life cycle management
  • Contract analysis to inventory financial opportunities within the interpretation of the requirements
  • Services in the areas of Stakeholder Management, Project Risk Management, Quality Management,

Asset Management

  • We provide processes and methodologies to prioritise actions and set key performance indicators on major projects
  • We implement integrated solutions to optimise and control preventive and operational ageing management programs
  • Design and implementation of Life Cycle Costing methods and tools to optimise technical design and maintenance
  • We assess the state of roads and suggest maintenance programs while respecting the required levels of availability and safety
  • We develop and implement Performance Measurement and Performance Management Systems based on international standards: PAS 55 (ISO 55 000)  ISO 12207, J-STD-016…
  • Certification ccoordination of management systems and PMS in terms reliability, repeatability, maintainability and integrity by ISACA registered IT auditors.
  • We provide services in the areas of Information Management and Financial Engineering.

Risk Analysis

  • Modelling of risk analysis with Root Cause Analysis
  • Analysis of Availability and Safety with FMECA and RAMS methodology
  • Reliability and Availability analysis with FTA based software
  • Risk-, fault tree and failure mode analysis in order to design and implement management and maintenance plans to guarantee the delivery of the required quality and to avoid penalties;
  • The formulation of failure mode definitions to define the measurement methods to assess delivery.
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