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Our know how

Hydroelectricity is the world’s primary source of green energy. However, it implies various specific risk management issues:

  • Maintaining the performance of installations over a long life cycle (water conveyances, dams, weirs, power stations, etc.)
  • Analysing the impact of natural hazards and taking appropriate actions to ensure infrastructure safety (notably as regards climate change)
  • Ensuring long-term profitability and creating value in return for design stage investments into new projects.


We leverage our experience and risk management tools to provide a wide range of services:

  • Safety: danger studies, assessment of upstream risks, staff safety, environmental protection, etc.
  • Performance: optimising maintenance and investment plans over the entire concession life cycle, corporate risks, projects risks, etc.
  • Decision support: formalising and reinforcing our customers’ in-house expertise as regards the occurrence of rare risks and analysing these risks enables our customers to track performance, identify new value levers and optimise investment decisions.

Our experience in prioritising maintenance actions for large asset infrastructures has enabled us to develop specific skills and predictive tools for managing both onshore and offshore wind farms.

Given our specific skills, tools and experience in the energy production sector, and our capacity to manage offshore installations, we are ideally placed to support investors in infrastructures of this kind, which require considerable capital outlay.

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