• Renewables


Aware of the vital importance of sustainable development and resource conservation, Oxand is proud to support renewable energy producers, helping them enhance their technical and financial performance.
From predictive dam maintenance to end-to-end hydro-electric power station management, we provide investors and operators with effective, rapidly deployable solutions. 

Meeting our customers’ primary needs:

  • Securing operation of their facilities;
  • Controlling dangers and mitigating the risks associated with investment costs;
  • Maintaining long-term asset value.

Using our Simeo™ technology, we are able to optimise investment scenarios within a very short leadtime, testing their resilience to numerous variables that may impact profitability:

  • Ageing or other alterations in the materials or installations;
  • Climate change and natural hazards;
  • Changes on the energy market;
  • Changes in the regulatory framework and social expectations.

Our solutions are designed for investors and production asset owners, managers responsible for the safety and security of industrial assets, operators and technical teams. We provide the insights they need to work together effectively and optimise the technical and financial performance of their industrial assets.


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