Private and industrial properties

Industrial operators manage numerous property assets. Any default in these infrastructures may affect employee health and safety, or require a production line to be shut down. Property managers must comply with a battery of new safety regulations, notably as regards earthquake safety. Oxand’s solutions help them manage these exceptional, but high-stakes risks.

Ensuring infrastructure safety and performance

  • Many large industries (agro-food, chemicals, cosmetics, automobile, etc.) manage large-scale property infrastructures across the world. Oxand provides a clear overview of safety and maintenance budget effectiveness; its analyses ensure that funds are allocated to the required part of the infrastructure, and at the optimum moment.
  • Industry professionals manage infrastructures in countries that apply different operating standards. We offer risk diagnoses and forecasts, as well as infrastructure upgrade programmes that enhance installation safety and availability in a specific local context.


  • 10 to 30% of maintenance costs can be reallocated to new priorities
  • 70% of the world’s assets mapped for earthquake risks in six months
  • Property valuation delivered in one month for merger-acquisition operations
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