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Industrial operators manage numerous property assets. Any default in these infrastructures may affect employee health and safety, or require a production line to be shut down. Property managers must comply with a battery of new safety regulations, notably as regards earthquake safety. Oxand’s solutions help them manage these exceptional, but high-stakes risks.

Ensuring infrastructure safety and performance

  • Many large industries (agro-food, chemicals, cosmetics, automobile, etc.) manage large-scale property infrastructures across the world. Oxand provides a clear overview of safety and maintenance budget effectiveness; its analyses ensure that funds are allocated to the required part of the infrastructure, and at the optimum moment.
  • Industry professionals manage infrastructures in countries that apply different operating standards. We offer risk diagnoses and forecasts, as well as infrastructure upgrade programmes that enhance installation safety and availability in a specific local context.


  • 15 to 30% of public property budgets can be reallocated.
  • A 10 to 15% increase in profit margins.
  • Our Simeo™ platform libraries include 80% of asset types (buildings, ports and airports, etc.).
  • Simeo™ optimises international best practices as regards managing public infrastructure assets.

Public land and property infrastructures account for 10 to 15% of global real estate assets.
We provide managers with customised solutions that ensure the long-term sustainability of their assets, helping them rationalise and optimise their maintenance concerns in a context of increased financial and regulatory constraints.

How can these assets be defined? They are generally exceptionnally large, heterogenous infrastructures that are often ageing and usually subject to maximum availability and safety imperatives. 

  • Our consultants have more than ten years’ of business experience across the world; this, combined with the performance of our Simeo™ simulator, has earned us the trust and confidence of the public authorities responsible for managing these vast, diverse and complex assets. France’s Ministry of Defence, for example, manages the maintenance and investment budgets for over 80,000 assets.
  • Simeo™ is compatible with all information systems; it compiles predictive budget analyses and helps control costs, while also ensuring optimum installation safety and availability.


  • 10 to 30% of maintenance costs can be reallocated to new priorities
  • 70% of the world’s assets mapped for earthquake risks in six months
  • Property valuation delivered in one month for merger-acquisition operations

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