Public & private properties

Leveraging performance and creating value for your company with property maintenance management.

For over 15 years, we have been supporting property managers in optimising their assets management. With this rich experience by your side, we have had the opportunity to make our contribution to this changing sector, to observe from the inside how asset management has become gradually part of your company and how it has contributed to your success.

Through our numerous projects we have seen the diversity of real estate industry! However, you have a common problem: how to unlock your assets value?

Responding to this question, we deployed and expanded our solutions and implemented methods to answer your challenges. They are based on three pillars: the leading expertise of our consultants, graduates from the best schools and universities; our software platform, Simeo™, and the unique quality of its maintenance data; the Oxand Academy to share with you the latest practices.

These solutions are proving to be robust with our approach combining asset, risk and life cycle management.

How to make the right decisions, how to turn your maintenance cost into a source of profit, how to adapt to digitalization of the economy, how to find the right answers to meet the CSR and sustainable development requirements, but also how to be innovative in the field of real estate strategy?
These are challenges we are ready to face!


  • 40 million m² of analysed property
  • 15 to 30% of maintenance cost (at constant risk) saving
  • Master asset management according to ISO 55000
  • Structure the asset management approach
  • Reduce your costs through better risk management
  • Manage your ageing fleet
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