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With an increasing percentage of wells globally experiencing well integrity failures (25,5% in 2007; 34% in 2013) impacting financial & safety objectives, it is a key challenge for operators to formalise and manage well integrity risks to support safe operations, maintain maximum availability of the wells, maximum integrity performance and prevent major well integrity risks.
Oxand address those challenges with its Well Integrity Risk Knowledge System, Simeo™ WellBase, and creates value from its operator’s existing data, processes or technologies providing efficient risk- informed decision support and robust integrity performance.

We provide full array of well integrity services:


  • Risk-based Well Integrity Knowledge & Analysis
    Identification & ranking of critical leakage scenarios
    Diagnosis/ Prognosis of well integrity condition & criticality
    Development of Well Integrity maintenance and monitoring programs
  • Well Safety Life Cycle Management and decision support
    Optimum well design in HPHT environment
    Prioritisation & optimisation of well monitoring & interventions
    Adjustment of well check inspections frequencies
    Support for well abandonment strategy & Prioritisation of wells for abandonment
  • Well Incident Investigations
    Third Party review of operator’s well integrity risk profile
    Leakage pathways mapping
  • Knowledge & Experience transfer
    Collaborative & comprehensive well integrity risk library
    Well integrity Risk Trainings/ Workshops

Oxand’s experience

  • Over 650 wells analysed (HPHT, Deep offshore, SAGD, Unconventional…)
  • Specialists in well incidents investigations
  • World class capabilities, knowledge and tools for asset integrity performance & risk-informed decision making processes

Analytics & SIMEO™

  • Fault Trees/ Event Trees Analysis
  • Flow/Degradation modelling; Leak rate modelling
  • Ageing QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment)
  • MAASP calculation; FEM modelling…
  • Thermo-mechanical modelling of cement sheaths
  • Well Failure Criticality matrix

Key benefits for our clients

  • Reduce work-over frequency
  • Anticipate well integrity interventions related to rare risks
  • Maximise prevention of well failures
  • Maintain safety track record during handovers throughout the well lifecycle
  • Demonstrate ALARP, regulatory compliance
  • Secure transfer of well integrity knowledge & experience

Large O&G projects come with a variety of risks, relative to external and internal sources (political or economic environment, market strains, natural challenges, processes, governance…). If not mitigated, these factors can derail the project at any stage, sometimes entailing massive overruns that may jeopardise the global life cycle value of the asset. Oxand brings a structured methology for assessing and mitigating these risks.

We provide a full array of risk management services:


  • Risk Management framework: Creation of the risk management policies, processes, tools and training, tailored to the needs, performance objectives and risk profile of the organisation.
  • Risk assessment: qualitative or quantitative assessment of risks at all stages of the project life:
    • project risks – impacting CAPEX and project schedule
    • process performance risks – impacting operational performance (revenue, OPEX, HSE, regulatory compliance, reputation)
  • Risk management: Creation and deployment of robust risk treatment plans to enhance project performance. Creation of risk treatment organisations, including the designation of risk owners and action owners.
  • Risk database and management tool: Controlling risks,treatment actions and risk communication flows, using our dedicated web-based solution: Simeo™ ERM.

Oxand helps Oil and Gas operators to address and overcome the challenges of their major ageing industrial assets at all stages of the life cycle, from feasibility studies to life extension. Using our solutions and expertise, operators can determine conditions for safe and sustainable operations, maximise asset availability, optimise CAPEX/OPEX ratio and ensure regulatory compliance.

Oxand proposes robust methodologies and tools to assess, advise and manage activities for integrity, retrofits, upgrades or life extension demonstrations by:

  • Performing expertise on ageing/integrity of infrastructures (conditions assessment and prognosis)
  • Strengthening project controls (new build projects) with respect to key performance requirements
  • Ensuring sustainable performance over infrastructure life cycle (Ageing Monitoring)
  • Optimising mitigation strategies and risk-based surveillance and inspection plans

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