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Our key areas

With many countries around the world now investing in Nuclear Power, we are able to assist in various pre-construction and construction activities:

  • Project controls & risk management support
  • Design Assessment
  • Waste & Decommissioning planning to meet regulatory requirements, understand future liabilities and aid investment decisions
  • Risk based qualification of Supply Chain
  • IT solutions to support decision-making processes


  • Over 400 running civil nuclear reactors.
  • Over 200 new build nuclear reactor projects in 2013.
  • 90 GW: nuclear power produced by our clients

Nuclear investors and electricity providers need to secure and increase their production capacity to respond to the market, improve the economic and technical performance of their installations and maintain high safety levels. Oxand has acquired a unique knowledge base of the largest nuclear reactor fleets. PWR, BWR, AGR… our consultants have extensive experience of nuclear technologies.

Oxand’s solutions throughout the whole value chain


  • We provide our clients with our experience in producing detailed resource/cost and risk estimates of new build projects and life extension programs.
  • We implement integrated solutions to optimise and control preventive and ageing management programs on installations.
  • We assess the condition of power plants and deliver cost control programs while respecting the required levels of safety.
  • We support our clients in their decisions on capital intensive investment commitments and provide them with third party expertise based on a unique international operating experience.
  • We advise and deliver IT solutions fully integrated to existing information systems of our clients (SAP, MAXIMO…)


  • Over 1,000 years of ageing mechanisms simulations on waste structures
  • 20 to 40% optimised costs on major nuclear decommissioning projects
  • 10 to 20% cost reductions obtained on radioactive decontamination sites
  • Nine Mile Point (CENG): the oldest US and BWR reactor under operation
  • Fessenheim (EDF): the oldest French PWR reactor in France under operation

Environmental protection and radiation safety are critical issues for key players on the downstream segment of the nuclear cycle. Financing the decommissioning of shut down nuclear power plants and the management of radioactive waste are also highly strategic areas.

Our expertise starts from the initial identification of issues, covers its analysis and optioneering of possible solutions and leads into the development of strategies and detailed plans which we can also assist with obtaining agreement for, from key stakeholders and regulators. Our consultants are also involved in design reviews, project planning, risk control and project management.

With Simeo™, we have unique capabilities and references in simulating the behaviour of nuclear waste disposals from 50 to 5,000 years. With an extensive knowledge of ageing mechanisms and interactions between a wide range of scientific disciplines (mechanics, chemistry, physics, geomechanics…), we deliver a robust long term safety benchmarking.

We provide:


  • Processes and methodologies to prioritise actions and set key performance indicators on major projects (end of life power plants, radioactive waste storage projects, dismantling programs…).
  • Analyses of financial needs and required resources to undertake major decontamination, dismantling projects with a long-term vision.
  • Project control, auditing and verification solutions.
  • Innovative strategies and expertise to challenge technological solutions.
  • IT solutions fully integrated to existing information systems of our clients (SAP, MAXIMO…).

Our Consultancy Services include:

  • Front End Engineering
  • Optioneering
  • Strategic Planning and Analysis
  • Waste & Decommissioning Strategy Development
  • Decommissioning Planning
  • Liability Estimating
  • Reactor Dismantling Methodologies
  • Decontamination, Deplanting and Demolition Studies
  • Integrated Waste Management
  • Waste Tracking and Inventory Tools
  • Production of LoC Submissions
  • Technical Risk and Asset Management
  • Safety Assessments and Cases
  • Production of Safety Committee Papers
  • Stakeholder and Regulator Interface
  • Environmental Issues
  • Specification of Work
  • Peer Review & Verification
  • IT Solutions
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