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“If you want to work with international clients in different type of projects, this is the place to work.” Mats

Mats is a Junior Business consultant. He started as a trainee at Oxand’s Dutch subsidiary (ex-Iter Fidelis). He joined Oxand five months later (Netherlands, Utrecht).


jerry“Oxand gives great opportunities to combine one’s entrepreneurial and engineering skills. Every day at work is a rewarding experience. You learn from your colleagues who are experts in their fields and very supportive of your career growth. More importantly, the whole team inspires you to come up with unique solutions making you an architect of the clients’ successes.” Jerry

Jerry is a Risk Management Consultant in the Oil & Gas sector. He joined Oxand in March 2013 (Canada, Calgary)


“Oxand has allowed me to work autonomously while remaining in close contact with other consultants. I’ve been able to acquire new skills and develop my creativity to better serve our clients”. Marine

Marine joined Oxand in 2011 (Switzerland, Lausanne). She is a Product Manager and Consultant.

mike“It is refreshing to be in an organisation where new products and capabilities are being delivered to a broad international client base. I work closely with our customers to ensure that we can tailor the delivery of bespoke products and services as well as ensuring that they fully benefit from our ever growing capabilities and expertise. It is empowering being part of a company with a global footprint. Our customers are usually very happy to have international expertise delivered with a local flavour. It is great to know that if I encounter an issue on a project, world class advice is only a phone call/skype session/email away.” Mike

Mike is a Principal Consultant in Oxand,(UK, Glasgow); he joined Oxand in March 2013, a consequence of the acquisition of Venn Engineering.

remy“For professionals always seeking new challenges, Oxand is the place to work. That’s why, after a strong experience as a senior consultant at RFF (the French Railways Infrastructure Manager), I joined Oxand in 2012 to manage railway services in France. Oxand offers me the possibility to develop my skills in terms of consulting, management and client relations. Oxand’s culture balances to perfection individual creativity and team dynamics to deliver world-class services to our clients.” Remy

Remy joined Oxand in 2012 (France, Fontainebleau). He is VP Large Asset.

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