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11-Juin-2015 | Oxand interviendra à la Conférence “Well Integrity” le 16 et 17 juin prochain à Houston, Texas

Oxand speaker at “Well Integrity Conference” on June 16 and 17, in Houston, Texas. During this 2nd Annual Well Integrity and Lifecycle ManagementConference, attended by top industry leaders, Oxand will deliver a presentation about ‘The WIRAP (Well Integrity Risk Assessment Process) for Well Containment.
Jerry Joseph, consultant engineer at Oxand in Canada, will talk about identifying the key well leakage scenarios relevant to their specific well context (offshore, thermal, “fracked” well, etc.). He will explain estimating both the probability and consequence of failure in a quantitative manner, to build a comprehensive view of WI risk exposure at scenario, well and field levels.
Oxand will outline how to Implement risk-based well surveillance, monitoring and maintenance to ultimately achieve superior well performance and will develop real examples of application from the onshore and offshore industries.
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