Oxand Canada – Welcome

Who we are

Oxand Canada is the Canadian subsidiary of Oxand Inc., headquartered in Paris, France. Opened in 2007, Oxand Canada has delivered dozens of strategic projects across Canada and North America from its Calgary and Montreal offices.


What we do

We provide risk based engineering consulting solutions to clients with large capital intensive assets in the oil & gas, power generation and transportation sectors. Supporting and enhancing our consulting services, our proprietary SIMEO™ software & information management platform enables you to leverage your asset data to make the right asset management (maintenance, monitoring and CAPEX vs. OPEX management) decisions while controlling risks and asset ageing.


The value we create

We help our clients in optimizing the lifecycle value of their assets. The application of our advanced risk-based methodologies and tools unlocks between 5% and 30% of OPEX/CAPEX reduction and 2 to 5% of ROI improvement through more effective capital allocation. And we do this by using robust risk based solutions in the areas of project management, asset management, and long term strategic asset planning.


Our clients

Our Canadian offices serve the oil & gas sector (upstream, midstream and downstream) including major oil sands producers, mining, power utilities as well as large real estate and transport infrastructure owners (ports, airports, roads, railways and waterways).


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