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Our proven methodology to implement asset management in your organization brings leadership alignment and sets the decision framework to unlock the value from your assets. We provide powerful solutions to identify areas of improvement in your asset management practices.

Our solutions and methodologies are developed according to ISO 55000 asset management standards and with extensive industry wide experience.

As a result, our clients have benefitted from 5% – 10% of cost savings by reducing inefficiencies in their asset management processes.


Asset Management Maturity Assessment

Oxand’s approach for achieving the maturity assessment includes the following:
• Collection of information, insights and requirements from selected stakeholders and risk owners
• A gap analysis of current risk management practices vs. Best practices
• Recommendations of various alternatives aimed at closing these gaps


Asset Condition Assessment

Oxand offers quantitative structural integrity assessment through:


  • Simeo 4D™: A breakthrough technology for structures for:
    • – Understanding of the mechanical behavior of the structures oxand-condition-mapping-and-key-interpretations
      – Comparison of the mechanical behavior between structures
      – Mapping of non representative areas from mechanical standpoint
      – Characterizing the mechanical behavior of structures not easily observable
      – Continuous monitoring of structures


  • 2D & 3D Thermo Mechanical Modeling: We help you to Construct models (analytical or more complex) to assess the thermo-mechanical behavior and estimate possible occurrence of the failure modes by:
    • – Data analysis and narrowing of failure scenarios 2D-3D-thermo-mechanical-modeling
      – 2D modeling and sensitivity analysis to understand key failure drivers and quantification of the impacts of key deviations + ranking of components
      – 3D FE modeling to understand structural effects at work during thermal mechanical cyclic stresses, calibration of model with real data & thermal cycle simulations


    Risk Based Asset Management

    We help you cope with budget constraints, risks and aging to deliver value with available and safe assets (Between 10% to 30% of maintenance and operation cost saving) by:

      – Establishing risk policy and identifying objectives
      – Building Asset, Risk and Ageing Knowledge, proposing Risk-based intervention concepts and supporting decision
      – Implementing operational planning & control tools
      – Training, coaching and mentoring Asset Planners, Service Providers
      – Assisting for periodical updates and improvements

    The risk based asset management service include:

  • Risk-Based Maintenance: Oxand will provide recommendations and actions for improving the reliability and availability of the asset. These recommendations may include:
    • – Proposals of preventive consolidation/reinforcement
      – Periodic surveillance plan to be supplied
      – Enhanced surveillance by means of a suitable monitoring instrumentation
      – Cost estimate for each solution


  • Asset Integrity Management: We developed a comprehensive asset integrity risk assessment methodology, focused on failure of barriers, to be extended to all kind of assets and components. The methodology include:
    • Functional modeling & FMEA: Methodology to characterize the asset environment and identify failure modes of barriers leading to the asset integrity risk identification
      Risk Estimation: Estimation risks and related impacts, quantitatively (or qualitatively) for generating a portfolio level asset integrity risk map
      Fault Tree Analysis: Adaptation of Oxand’s generic fault trees to the client’s asset specifications and analysis of the fault trees to create a list of root causes for barrier failures
      Failure scoring: A failure scoring methodology based on the derived root causes to rank likelihood of failures in asset and component level


    Fault Tree Analysis for Well Barrier Failure

    We provide information on ageing and risk impact, and deliver processes to support decisions and transform your strategy into asset and project plans.
    Our numerous scenarios help you understand impact of your decisions on performance and risks.


    We provide a full array of risk management services for large asset, nuclear and oil & gas clients, including oil sands projects and other capital intensive project owners, which include creation of enterprise risk management framework, qualitative and quantitative assessment of project and performance risks and implementation of risk database and management tool.

    Our solutions are fully compliant with international risk management standards (ISO31000) and help your projects and processes meet cost, schedule and safety targets.


    Risk Management Workflow


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