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Sep-07-2016 | Ageing management in the nuclear sector: Oxand’s work published in the Japanese scientific journal “JACT”

Oxand has developed an exclusive and innovative methodology to manage the ageing of nuclear power-plants; it is based on the predictive analysis of the leakage rate calculation on containment buildings.

This work is part of the MACENA project (Managing confinement structures in the event of an accident) as part of the post-Fukushima actions initiated by ANR (the French National Research Agency in France, 3 years ago. The methodology has been applied on a third-scale mock-up of a reactor containment building during the international benchmark “VeRCoRs” supported by EDF.

The article presenting this work has been selected by the Japanese scientific “Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology” from the “Japan Concrete Institute”.
Moreover, the complete research on this issue is the subject of a thesis funded by Oxand which will be presented by the end of this year.

Read the whole article on JCI’s site or download the pdf version


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