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Oct-26-2016 | Oxand, speaker at IALCCE 2016 (Life-Cycle Civil Engineering international Symposium)

Oxand participated in the Fifth International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering, IALCCE 2016, held last week in Delft, The Netherlands.
This conference brings world experts together to share recent progress and formulate future directions to life-cycle civil engineering.

Oxand’s consultants presented three projects related to our software solutions dedicated to ageing management of industrial and property assets
– An integrated approach for the life cycle management of water reservoirs (Marine Vidaud)
– Benefits and future of the dynamical monitoring of structures (Maxime Fontan)
– Risk-based ageing management process and technology Simeo™ Ageing dedicated to maintenance optimization of civil structures (David Vervoort)

Oxand’s presentation was described as “a clear example of an innovative approach put in practice” by Jos Wessels, National Organising Committee IALCCE2016, TNO. He added: “we don’t see the application of a complete method like this very often.”

Congratulations to our consultants!


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