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Nov-07-2016 | Take part in Oxand’s business games at PETEX 2016 in London: November 15 to 17

PETEX, the largest subsurface-focused E&P conference and exhibition in the UK, will take place from 15th to 17thNovember in London. Oxand has developed a specific business game for the conference: the “Risk Management Game” and will host it twice a day during the event.

In this game, participants will have to deal with a variety of risks, that not only have technical aspects, but also for example legal and organisational ones.
The objective is to design a risk mitigation strategy, raise awareness about the value of an adequate risk management, in the context of design, construction and maintenance of complex Oil & Gas projects.

The game will give to the participants a better understanding of risks and guidance on how to implement risk management within their project.

More information

Subscription to take part in one or all phases of the game: book “Oxand Risk Management Game”


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