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May-09-2016 | Oxand Canada provides risk management expertise for a massive infrastructure project: New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project (Quebec, Canada)

The Government of Canada has launched one of the largest infrastructure projects in North America in the Montreal metropolitan area, for a total cost of $4.239 billion. Due to the critical condition of the existing Champlain Bridge connecting the cities of Montreal and Brossard, the Government of Canada is undertaking its replacement with the construction of the new Champlain Bridge Corridor Project.

This mega-project is carried out under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agreement between the Government of Canada and a consortium of private contractors led by SNC Lavalin, and called “the Signature on the St. Lawrence Group” (SSL).

The Saint Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation (SLSMC), which ensures that the waterway remains a safe and well-managed system, is a key stakeholder to this project, as the encroachment of the construction project on the seaway system spawns major risks.

Therefore the Corporation requested Oxand Canada’s assistance to design and implement a specific risk management organization and process to ensure that the NCBC project does not impact its operations and key performance indicators: ensure people’s safety, allow navigation on the seaway in optimal conditions, enable SLSMC maintenance activities, protect the environment and uphold agreements related to public access and third parties.

Oxand Canada will support SLSMC through all project phases (from 2015 to 2018) including bridge design, construction and first year of exploitation.

Oxand already designed and implemented the risk management framework and is leading risk committees with SLSMC and SSL to assess risks on an ongoing basis and identify mitigation actions to reduce them to a level acceptable to the SLSMC. Risk monitoring will then be implemented on site to ensure that mitigation actions are effectively performed and yield the expected results.

The proposed risk management framework is based on ISO 31000 international guidelines, SLSMC internal risk management processes, industry best practices and lessons learned from previous collaborations between Oxand and SLSMC to guarantee optimal results.

Some key figures about the new Champlain bridge

• Length: 3.4 km across the Saint Lawrence River, comprising:
– a western approach viaduct of 2,044.4 m
– a cable-stayed bridge of 517.4 m with a single tower
– a main span of 240m over the Seaway
– a 773 m eastern approach viaduct 2.
• 3 corridors:
– 2 three-lane corridors for vehicle traffic
– 1 two-lane transit corridor.
• Future traffic: 40-60 million vehicles per year.
• Project Cost: CAD 4.239 billion
• Opening: December 1, 2018

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