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Mar-11-2015 | Oxand reinforces its development capacities by integrating new high-level international skills

Following its European and North-American market-development strategy, Oxand has just integrated 3 high-level senior managers at key positions in its sales organisation. They have an extensive major company-based experience in common and an in-depth knowledge of Oxand’s solutions.


Eric Deliac
Eric DELIAC has joined Oxand’s Executive Committee, as Executive Vice President Oil & Gas. For more than 30 years, Eric has held senior responsibility positions in leading gas industry companies, among which ELF, CGG, Halliburton. He had a decisive role in developing the company Petris Technology, which specialises in Exploration-Production data.
Eric Deliac will assume the development of the Oil & Gas activities worldwide. With a dual nationality, French and American, he is a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) and the Paris School of Mines, and earned a Doctorate in Rock Physics.


Dimitri De Beukelaer
Dimitri DE BEUKELAER has joined the Benelux activities and Eric DELIAC’s team. Dimitri started his career in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In 2001, he is the head of the HSE department for EMEA at Pfizer and in 2006, he becomes Production and Maintenance Manager at Chesapeake. Then, from 2008, he focuses on the Oil & Gas market as a senior consultant at DNV where he develops “asset and risk management” solutions in Europe and Africa.
Dimitri is going to contribute to the growth and the diversification of Oxand’s activities in the exploration, refining and petrochemical industry. A Belgian citizen, he holds a degree in Chemical Engineering as well as an MBA in international management.


Aart Los
Aart LOS has joined Oxand’s “large assets” sector. Based in The Netherlands, he contributes a 30 year technical and sales experience including responsibility for the development of the SIM Group – software publisher – and Royal Haskoning DHV, a Dutch engineering company.
Aart will promote and adapt Oxand’s solutions for the management of maintenance costs and the life extension of public infrastructures (ministries, roads, railways…), specifically in Northern Europe. Aart is Dutch and graduated in Higher Business Administration and Pedagogical Academy Primary Education.


Bruno GERARD, Oxand founder and CEO, explains: “These recruitments are in compliance with our growth plan which includes the integration of new talent. Our goal is also to reinforce our Oil & Gas activities in Europe and the North-American continent, by delivering to our new clients our high-value-creating solutions, integrating our Simeo™ technology.”
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