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Jun-27-2014 | Oxand Switzerland celebrates its 10th anniversary | Lausanne

Oxand Switzerland 10th anniversary

The “first-born” of Oxand’s subsidiaries is celebrating its anniversary this year: Oxand Switzerland was founded in 2004 thanks to a major contract opportunity that CFF (the Swiss Railway Authority) entrusted them with, and which was carried out in partnership with T Ingenierie’s team.
Initially established in Geneva, before moving to Lausanne 6 years ago, Oxand Switzerland has kept growing over these 10 years and extended its expertise to other industrial sectors: among others Hydroelectricity (ALPIQ, Groupe E, HYDRO Exploitation in Switzerland, EDF in France…) and urban networks (TPG – Geneva’s public transport, Lausanne’s Electricity service, Tamdis…).
Fuelled by the innovation which drives Oxand, the Swiss team largely contributed to Simeo™’s development. “This technology reinforces our consultant’s expertise and makes a great deal of our difference”, Benoît Gehant, Managing Director of Oxand Switzerland explains. “Because today we can supply our clients with integrated solutions allowing them not only to gain autonomy and decision-making capacity but they are also able to save up to 30% of their investments by accepting calculated risk-taking. These are advantages that give us, now more than ever, strong opportunities on the Swiss market, as well as on the German and Italian ones.”
Last 26th of June, Oxand Switzerland’s team gathered around them their clients, partners and numerous Oxand colleagues from all over Europe, to properly celebrate the event!

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