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Dec-10-2014 | R&D earthquake engineering: Oxand’s double involvement in the international program SMART2013

Oxand was particularly involved in the program SMART2013, as a scientific and technical organiser of the benchmark and as the appointed organiser of the feedback Workshop.
Last November, 25th to 27th, the workshop « SMART2013 » took place in CEA – Saclay (Paris). Bringing together about a hundred researchers and professionals from all over the world (17 countries represented), it was dedicated to the presentation of the benchmark results that aimed at analysing “reinforced concrete subjected to torsion and non-linear effects under seismic loadings”.
Conferences, round-tables and presentations took place during 3 days, allowing the teams to share their work and progress with the entire international scientific community. The benchmark SMART2013 was the 3rd phase of a program that the CEA and EDF started in 2008 under the aegis of the IAEA.
Oxand as being commissioned by the CEA played a dual role in this program to:
– Support the scientific and technical organisation of the benchmark in collaboration with the CEA and EDF;
– Ensure the preparation, management and follow up of the workshop.
At the end of the event, the CEA, EDF and the participants expressed great satisfaction regarding the quality of the scientific discussions, the organisation and service provided.

The Workshop at CEA Saclay

  • 3-day event
  • 95 participants
  • 17 countries attending
  • 4 continents represented
  • 30 conferences and round tables

The R&D program

  • 2-year international research program
  • 40 scientific teams involved
  • Analyses on seismic inputs 4 times more intense than the design level
  • 10 000 FRS (Floor Response Spectra) calculated with Cast3M
  • 10 mechanical indicators to study and compare the resistance of the digital models (Inter Storey Drift, peak frequency shift)
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