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Dec-05-2016 | Sellafield wins the IAM Innovation Award!

Congratulations to Sellafield Limited for winning the IAM (Institute of Asset Management) Innovation Award!

Sellafield decided to make use of Oxand Academy’s skills and expertise to develop tailor made Business Games about asset, ageing and risk management challenges. They became the first client to develop an Asset Management SYNERGY Game.

SYNERGY is designed to be an integrated part of the Sellafield in-house Asset Management Training Program. The core learning objective is that an adequate Asset Management policy requires close cooperation across borders of different departments. The Synergy game is designed in close cooperation between Sellafield, Oxand Academy and its UK partner Vulcain Engineering, to provide participants with an interactive experience that educates and promotes asset management principles across all levels and programmes in the organisation. It is focused on people skills including communication and behaviours (for example collaboration rather than ‘working in silos’).

As well as addressing specific learning outcomes and demonstrating business benefits of the use of good asset management, the Synergy game also provides real scenarios for discussion, improves communications, encourages collaboration and team working, enables a significant improvement in information retention and increases awareness of business systems and process.

All of these have contributed to an improved asset management system for the site, which brought Sellafield this very honourable recognition by the Institute of Asset Management.
Learn more about the award and Sellafield Ltd nomination


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