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Apr-25-2016 | Oxand organises an inter-ministerial seminar: “Optimising the performance of the state property assets”

Oxand recently held a seminar on the optimisation of state property assets in partnership with the French Ministry of Defence.

This meeting brought all Ministries together, all being represented by their real estate departments’ heads.

Attendees paid close attention to the Defence Infrastructure Service’s (SID) presentation. Since 2011, SID has been using Oxand’s risk management method and its Simeo™ software platform to manage the maintenance of its particularly complex and heterogeneous property portfolio.

This testimonial emphasizes the significant benefits Simeo™ delivers in terms of cost, performance and risk management, as well as its potentials for the entire public sector asset portfolio.

The seminar was also a great opportunity to share high-level discussions between participants meeting similar challenges when managing the ageing of their assets. The solutions suggested by Oxand to answer these stakes contributed to the debate and offered new leads for innovative maintenance strategies.


Oxand’s Simeo™ performance optimisation method for state assets has been deployed by the Ministry of Defence in France who has to manage large, heterogeneous, complex portfolios; they include several tens of thousands of assets, from office and industrial buildings, harbour and port facilities, networks, roads… all the way to natural areas.

This method can also be applied to more limited portfolios. It is based on an innovative risk management approach leading to improvements of the maintenance costs reliability. Such achievement is possible thanks to the use of asset ageing models. It can be deployed within a few months in an entire organisation from operators to governance structures.

This approach proved to generate significant benefits in terms of professionalisation of the maintenance function with a view to sustainable management of real estate assets in a context of intense use and major budgetary constraints.

Beyond these remarkable indicators, the Simeo™ method allows to visualise the structural health of the assets and create a model of the impacts of short term decisions on the future budgetary policy, hence bringing to light long term “grey debt” phenomena (escalation of future renewal and maintenance costs in case of work postponements).

See the interview with General Engineer René STEPHAN, Central Director of the French Ministry of Defence Infrastructure Service (nov. 2014)

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