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Apr-06-2017 | Dates of our two upcoming Asset Management/ISO 55000 training sessions

The Asset Management training session organised by our Academy has just ended. This time again, the outcome is very positive, both regarding the quality of the discussions and knowledge transfer, and the participants’ feedback concerning the discovery of our innovative way of sharing experience through gaming.


This is an opportunity for us to point out the concept behind our training program combining two ways of teaching:


–   a proven method, implemented by our highly qualified consultants who share their expertise on the principles of asset management, best practices compatible with the ISO 55000 standards with the participants, and present case studies issued from their own experience.


– an innovative and playful method, thanks to the business games designed by Oxand Academy; this approach is part of the training program and helps realise and directly implement the concepts dealt with during the presentations.


Lasting for 1, 3 or 5 days, the program is tailored to the clients’ needs: Bird’s eye view of the principles of Asset Management, basics on risk management, ageing and maintenance, outline of a roadmap to implement an asset management system in compliance with the ISO 55000 Standards


All this is done in a gamification approach that turns out to be very efficient as confirmed by the participants at the end of each session.


Last but not least, this training program creates the rare and ideal opportunity to meet people from other organisations involved in Asset Management. This program fosters deeper discussions on best practices and the difficulties met throughout the implementation of an Asset Management system.


Here are the dates for Oxand Academy’s two upcoming Asset Management training programs:



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