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Internship / Oil&Gas


Internship / Oil&Gas | Risk-based Well integrity Performance Modeling in Severe Conditions
Location: Avon-Fontainebleau (77) | France
Reference: OXFR/2017/OG2

〉 Context
Well Integrity Management is a key challenge for operators in the next years. Severe conditions applied to the well (surrounding environment and operating conditions) could influence largely the thermo-mechanical behaviour of the well (and its constitutive elements: casing, cement, and surrounding formation) and create preferential pathways for gas/oil leak. The main concern is that leakages could worsen over time and end up in a blowout or continuous gas flow, forcing to stop operations as a result of enforcement measures issued by the Authorities. Operators need to address the well integrity issue in order to ensure the performance of their projects and anticipate the P&AZ strategy in the best conditions.

〉 Objectives
• Understand and model the relationship between between the casing, cement, and surrounding environments
• Construct models (analytical or more complex) to assess the thermo-mechanical behavior and estimate possible occurrence of the well’s failure modes (and their magnitude) over well lifecycle
• Integrate the results in a fluid flow model to estimate the possible leakage considering the nature of the fluid.
• Test the models considering a variety of possible operational scenarios and identify key parameters.

This stage will include the different tasks:
• perform a state of the art about the phenomenologies;
• select relevant models and adapt them for various well configuration and its surrounding environment;
• perform sensitivity analysis;
• conclude and draft report.

〉 Profile
Mechanical Engineer – Good knowledge in flow and material modeling, Petroleum basic knowledge will be appreciated. Beyond academic skills, Oxand is looking for self-starting, motivated individuals whose strong interpersonal skills will be key to success in this role. Above-average written and oral communication will be essential.

Scheduled Internship Period: 6 months
Location: Avon-Fontainebleau (77) | France
Reference: OXFR/2017/OG2

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