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Oxand Netherlands supports NDW with an asset management analysis

Our mission: to predict the technical life cycle of their various data collection systems.

NDW (the Dutch National Data Warehouse for traffic information) has responsibility for the procurement of traffic data for 19 governmental organisations in The Netherlands (e.g. Rijkswaterstaat, Provinces, Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam Urban Region, and the municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht). The current contracts with the data suppliers will soon expire and therefore NDW considers its purchasing strategy for the upcoming years. To make the right choices, OXAND performed a comprehensive asset management analysis regarding the data collection.

With the asset analysis NDW has a solid base for their procurement strategy for the next decade. An example of the results of the analysis is that the measuring equipment that has been installed in 2009 (the year NDW was established) will be operational for quite a few years. This means that major replacement investments can be postponed. This saves NDW costs, and time. Now NDW has time to work on the transition to a new monitoring system to collect data (ready for new technological development of floating car data, and (connected) ITS services).

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