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Netherlands: Risk management of enlargements to the Juliana waterway

Juliana Waterway (The Netherlands)

Holland’s Juliana waterway is to be widened and deepened to allow a higher category of river traffic to pass through. Oxand’s Dutch subsidiary (ex-Iter Fidelis), is advising a German – Dutch consortium on their tender for the design and construction of this project which has a budget of between 70 to 100 million euros.

The enlargements need to be managed with minimum impact to the surrounding environment, taking into account major issues such as the level of ground water during realisation, an important chemical pipeline and the necessity to guarantee the intake of clean water for chemical processes from the canal.

Oxand is advising the consortium on the financial, technical, legal, environmental and safety aspects of risk management during the design and construction phases, as well as on permits, licenses and reduction of hindrance for stakeholders. (2012)

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