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France: a maintenance master plan for the “Canal de Provence” subterranean galleries for 2038

Canal de Provence subterranean galleries

The “Société du Canal de Provence” manages more than 130 kms (80 miles) of subterranean galleries built some 40 years ago and which supply water to more than 3 million inhabitants of the Provence – Côte d’Azur Region of France.

Since 2005, Oxand has accompanied the “Société du Canal de Provence” which ensures the operation and maintenance of the galleries. The Oxand solution offers the gallery management a cartography of the risks over time and thus provides it with a decision-making tool for maintenance action plans.

This solution has been developed by capitalising on the entirety of data available, by relying on a representative gallery for which documented information is available as well as on the tools included in Oxand’s Simeo™ software platform.

The “Société du Canal de Provence” uses the results to determine maintenance priorities and to draw up multiannual budgets. (2013)

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