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Risk analysis related to the construction of a bridge over a waterway

The client, a large waterway manager, needed to ensure that its operations and performance objectives won’t be impacted by the construction, operation and maintenance of a new bridge over the navigable channel.

The client’s strategic objectives were to:

  • ensure safety of people
  • maintain optimal conditions for navigation
  • allow its maintenance activities
  • protect the environment
  • maintain public access and
  • agreements with third parties

Oxand was commissioned to develop a risk management framework dedicated to the new bridge project, to perform a preliminary risk assessment and to draft a risk management section to be inserted in the PPP call for tenders.

The value added were:

  • Rigorous risk management process, aligned with ISO 31000 standard and compliant with the clients internal risk framework
  • Incorporation of feedback from similar experiences
  • Structured methodology available for next phases of the project
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