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Netherlands: A risk analysis for the Port of Rotterdam

Port Rotterdam

In launching the new “Maasvlakte 2” extension programme, the port of Rotterdam is showing its commitment to continuously grow and improve its service. The most eye-catching project is the construction of a new port and industrial complex in the North Sea, with 1000 hectares of industrial land enabling access for the largest ships, and 750 hectares set aside as a natural reserve.
The new complex will be located west of the current Maasvlakte.

Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) will operate the first container terminal on Maasvlakte 2 with a plot area of 156 ha.

The extension will enable client organizations to increase their competitiveness on a global scale. The main purpose of RWG is to create a major European through port for clients: a safe, reliable, predictable, sustainable, and competitive container terminal for the coming 25 years.

To support RWG in this ambitious enterprise, Oxand’s Dutch subsidiary (ex-Iter Fidelis), will undertake a risk analysis of the client stakes and the potential failure modes of the system, enabling expected future maintenance costs to be taken into consideration during the design phase. The benefit for RWG is the increased guarantee on the availability and safety of the operational structure.

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