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Oxand implements an Asset Management improvement program for an ageing refinery in Central America

Our client is a state-owned, integrated company operating all oil producing and processing assets in a Central American country. One of their major facilities is a refinery processing 160,000 bpd of crude oil to produce a broad range of refined petroleum products. This refinery was facing operational, organizational and cultural challenges that undermined its financial, H&S and environmental performance. In 2015, this client commissioned Oxand to implement an asset integrity improvement program.

Main issues for our client:
– Following a recent history of integrity failures, quickly identify key integrity threats in a strategic sector of the plant (Port & Marine area) and get major risks of failure under control
– Use the results of the risk assessment to propose a risk-based life extension program to save on CAPEX, by avoiding costly renewal
– In parallel, implement best asset reliability practices in a core process area (front-end distillation units) to minimize downtime and inefficiencies and maximize throughput
– Lay the foundations of an asset integrity management framework

Our solutions:
– Creation of an ISO 31,000 compliant asset risk management framework enabling a proper risk ranking of all categories of assets (static and rotating equipment, civil, piping, tanks, etc.)
– Structured risk assessment of Port & Marine (P&M) assets based on Oxand’s RKB (“Risk Knowledge Builder”) methodology, compliant with ISO 31,000
– Specification of quantitative risk assessment and risk-based asset life extension program for high-risk, capital intensive assets (jetties and subsea lines)
– Implementation of high-value asset performance initiatives in heavy oil area for maximizing reliability and throughput
– Design of a ISO 55,000 compliant Asset Integrity Management (AIM) framework and associated 3-year roadmap for consolidation of client business processes and sustainment of superior asset performance

Value added:
Oxand’s solution enabled our client to control risks, extend asset life and save on CAPEX /OPEX
– Propose risk-based life extension instead of asset renewal  potential savings > 50% on 5-year CAPEX program for the Port & Marine sector
– Shift from “convenience” inspection and time-based maintenance to Risk Based Inspection (RBI) & Risk Based Maintenance (RBM)  ensure integrity risk control and develop a risk culture across the organization
– Develop a business case for refinery-wide OPEX saving program > 20%
– Lay the foundations of an AIM system based on ISO 55,000 and international best practices

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