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Canada: Development of a risk-based SAGD well integrity monitoring program for DEVON’s Jackfish oil sands asset

Canada SAGD

Devon Canada has commissioned Oxand to develop a risk-based SAGD well integrity monitoring program for their Jackfish oil sands asset. Oxand kicked off this study on September 2013, and worked with Devon’s Jackfish team to develop and roll-out the well integrity monitoring program.

Devon’s Jackfish asset is located in Alberta and has been producing bitumen since 2007. The development of the Jackfish asset consists of 3 phases (Jackfish 1, 2, and 3), each with estimated reserves of over 300 million barrels and each with a production capacity of 35,000 bbl/day.

Oxand’s risk-based well integrity monitoring methodology draws from the risk management principles outlined in ISO 31000, while tailored to fit the needs of our client’s specific context.

Using a risk-based approach for well integrity monitoring ensures that priority is given to the most critical assets, systems and components, as well as ensures that all key performance indicators of our clients’ operations are accounted for (financial, environmental, health & safety, regulatory, reputational, etc.).

The value our clients gain from what we deliver is a robust, well-defined, holistic well integrity monitoring program which fits with the overall objectives of the organization.

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