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UK: Oxand brings expertise on cost provisioning to EDF Energy for Sizewell B decommissioning project

Sizewell b

Although decommissioning for Sizewell B is not scheduled to commence for another 20 years or more, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and EDF Energy need to demonstrate to the UK Government that they have accurately assessed the cost, risks, and the approach to be taken.

Oxand has been historically involved in decommissioning assessments in the UK and its expertise has been called upon by EDF Energy to update the decommissioning proposals for Sizewell B – the only pressurised water reactor in the UK.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has responsibility for ensuring all nuclear power plant decommissioning liabilities across the United Kingdom are dealt with. In the case of EDF Energy sites the NDA manage the liabilities fund on behalf of Nuclear Liabilities Fund Executive. Amongst the NDA’s responsibilities is ensuring that they have made adequate provisioning for decommissioning costs.

On this comprehensive project, Oxand UK is advising on Scope, Scheduling, Costs (covering the work content and decommissioning procedures), Assumption Register and Risk Management. Risk management will include identifying discrete (detailed) risks involved in every step of the execution.

The project covers not only dismantling of the reactor, but also removing all equipment within the active areas including the control building and surrounding complex. Oxand’s expertise is also being called into play in creating waste estimates. (2013)

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