Our history

Oxand was created in 2002 as a spin-off from EDF (the world’s largest electricity producer). The company was founded by Dr. Bruno GERARD and his associates, pioneers in ageing and risk management of civil engineering assets for Energy (Nuclear, Hydropower, Oil and Gas).

Our vision has been to propose a new culture for the preservation of industrial assets in a changing world where technological risks and financial constraints are constantly evolving.

Joined in 2003 and 2004 by EDF and Auriga Partners as financial investors, Oxand has successfully proven the creation of values for both its clients (major industrial and institutional operators) and its shareholders.

Expanding its services and technologies to a large range of sectors where risk-informed decisions are required, Oxand has created the opportunity for its clients and employees to leverage world-class experience and expertise.

As from 2013, Oxand’s management and Latour Capital (PEF based in Paris, France) have partnered together to further drive the company’s expansion.

2017: Already established in 5 European countries (France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United-Kingdom, Belgium), Oxand continues to expand.

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